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If you want to spend your time in the mountains, there is 9 acres of beautiful nature with babbling creek and wild flowers. You can fish few steps away from your porch on the noisy Fightingtown Creek.

You can spend sunny days in the in-ground pool. You can read book in the hammock or swings right next to the water.

Large 7 / 4.5 cabin with pool

Visual Tour

Specials and last minute deals available!
There are also:

  • books of all sorts to read
  • movies to watch
  • board games to play!
  • toys for kids of every age
  • just tell us how old are your kids and we will help you to keep them busy!

Mention that if there is a baby, you will have:

  • high chair
  • play mat
  • other items suitable for your little one.

This is a large cabin and we welcome you to come with your family only or take grandparents or friends

Our beautiful retreat is only 4 miles from downtown Blue Ridge and 6 miles from the Blue Ridge Lake.
It's a very short proximity from all the activities the area has to offer

  • tubing
  • water rafting
  • horse riding
  • bicycle trails
  • fishing
  • State Parks
  • and so much more.
We will provide you with booklet of directions to all these nice placess

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Luxury Mountain Retreat in Blue Ridge Mountains, Georgia (GA)
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